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Welcome to the Naku Forest WikiEdit

This is a wiki dedicated to listing and archiving any and all data and artwork regarding LunaYoshi's characters from her original concept of Nolosha, the world of Naku.


Naku in a NutshellEdit

The Naku universe focuses on a small band of furry misfits from all surrounding areas to their established home deep in Naku Forest in the colorful and mysterious world of Nolosha. Originally formed as a small camp for outcasts, it quickly grew into a community as isolationist views among species spread and expanded in power. Conformity and adherance to tradition became unbearable for some who disagreed with their clan's practices, and others were shunned for their breach of customs or delinquency. While not entirely free of conflict, Naku Village is quite peaceful overall, and its inhabitants pool their unique skills to keep the community prosperous and safe.

Recent events have shed light on a separate, more hostile group of outcasts called the Marauders who seek to overthrow all communities in Nolosha for dastardly purposes. Will Naku Village be assaulted by this rebelious group? If they are, will they persevere? Do the Marauders actually live up to their brutal reputation? Click around and find out!

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Naku Villagers



Naku Founders

Milo the KangarooLance the DragonCorinne the Raccoon

Naku Second Induction

Napoleon the FoxSri the CatPhineas the Bluebird

Naku Third Induction

Akinori the PandaLyra the CanaryTyler the SkunkAnuka the Dragon

Marauders Founders

Halinka the BadgerYafeu the EagleIrma the Raccoon

Marauders Second Induction

Dorae the BatGreta the OpossumSolana the CatBukinori the Panda

Tertiary Characters

Renata the JerboaCirce the CardinalPercival the Ferret

Khalon the PorcupineEfrain the CockatooJabari the Lemur

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